This is What Happens When Beyonce Wears a Kimono & Sunglasses

What happens when Beyonce wears a kimono and sunglasses? It's nothing short of Madness...that is, it's nothing short of Madness by PERVERSE sunglasses. Beyonce was spotted in NYC leaving the Greenwich Hotel with her husband, Jay-Z, while blocking the sun's rays with Madness 01-Silver by PERVERSE sunglasses.

The round and futuristic sunglasses with side shields are just funky enough to pair with her colorful kimono, striped pencil skirt, and Burberry bowling bag.

Queen Bey also gets kudos for pairing high-low fashion perfectly, as Madness by PERVERSE sunglasses comes in at a fashionably comfortable price of $65.

Since launching at Coachella 2016, Los Angeles-based brand PERVERSE sunglasses has been the sunglasses of choice of top celebrities like Jessica Alba, Cara Delevingne, Chanel Iman, Ashley Benson, Ashley Green, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The brand's popularity is a testament to their ultra-chic styles that pair with your lipstick, your shoes, and your #ootd.

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Beyonce sunglasses and Kimono NYC PERVERSE sunglasses Madness 01-Silver

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