Did Beyonce Just Wear the Ultimate Summer Sunglasses?

Whether she's slaying on stage or turning the NYC sidewalk into her own personal catwalk, Beyonce is always on point. Case in point: her recent departure from the Greenwich Hotel in NYC while wearing PERVERSE sunglasses. The style, Madness in 01-Silver, was paired with a colorful Selly Raby Kane kimono, Fatima striped pencil skirt, and Burberry bowling bag. Beyonce was spotted leaving the hotel with her husband, Jay-Z. We're not sure where they were headed, but with this ensemble, we're positive it was some place fabulous.

Queen Bey isn't the only one having a #PERVERSEsummer. Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner, Ashley Benson, Ashley Greene, and supermodels Cara Delevingne, Chanel Iman, and Kendall Jenner have all been spotted wearing PERVERSE sunglasses.

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Beyonce sunglasses NYC PERVERSE sunglasses Madness 01-Silver

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