Go USA! Perfectly Patriotic PERVERSE sunglasses

You don't have to attend the Rio 2016 Olympics to show you're proud of Team USA! Show your pride from the comfort of your couch in PERVERSE sunglasses!

Fashion & Style magazine selected PERVERSE sunglasses in style First Puppy as the ultimate patriotic eyewear accessory. Wear your pair while watching Michael Phelps splash his way into the history books and as Simone Biles flips her way towards gold!

Fashion and Style support Team USA with patriotic sunglasses PERVERSE sunglasses Michael Phelps Simone Biles

First Puppy, $45

Feeling the patriotic spirit & want to support Team USA in style? Click to get PERVERSE sunglasses now!

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Hello, Topanga! PERVERSE is now open in Topanga, California

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