Lady Gaga Arrives at Tony Bennett's Birthday in PERVERSE Sunglasses

Lady Gaga is deep into her Dive Bar Tour, serenading crowds of around 100. 
But, before she donned a cowboy hat and rhinestone suit, she dialed up
the glam for Tony Bennett's 90th birthday celebration in a body con dress
and PERVERSE sunglasses in style Beaudry, color 01-Diva Black. (Yes, the
color name Diva Black is beyond appropriate for Mother Monster.)

Lady Gaga sunglasses Tony Bennett's 90th birthday celebration PERVERSE sunglasses

Sunglasses at night! Lady Gaga arrives at Tony Bennett's 90th birthday
celebration in PERVERSE sunglasses. Style: Beaudry 01-Diva, $55.

Lady Gaga sunglasses Tony Bennett's birthday where to buy sunglasses

The Bad Romance singer and American Horror Story actress proved
two things: it's perfectly appropriate to wear sunglasses at night, and it's
totally trendy to pair high-low fashion! Lady Gaga's sunglasses are just $55,
meaning you can afford to get them in black, white,
maroon, and toffee.

This isn't the first time Lady Gaga has been spotted
wearing PERVERSE sunglasses. She was recently spotted in Cabo San Lucas,
wearing a stunning pink
bathing suit and Redondo 03-Pale
by PERVERSE sunglasses,
available for just $50

Just like her Little Monsters, we can't wait for Lady Gaga to take the
stage at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2017. Until then, we'll keep our eyes
out for which PERVERSE sunglasses she's wearing next!

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