Olivia Palermo's Little Black Sunglasses are only $50

Whether they were out to late, out too early, or just out to lunch, celebrities know fabulous sunglasses are the ultimate weapon of discretion. Case in point, Olivia Palermo out and about in NYC.

Olivia Palermo Sunglasses PERVERSE sunglasses Dawn Patrol Little Black Sunglasses

Olivia Palermo wearing PERVERSE sunglasses, style Dawn Patrol, $50, as seen on WhoWhatWear.com. Shop the style now.

Olivia paired her little black outfit with Little Black Sunnies (LBS) by PERVERSE sunglasses. As spotted by WhoWhatWear.com, Olivia's black-on-black outfit by C/Meo Collective coordinated perfectly with PERVERSE sunglasses in style Dawn Patrol 01-Dark ($50). Olivia added a splash of color with Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Floral-Brocade Flats and a simple black and gold watch.

Now, this is how you work high-low style on the always fashionable streets of New York City. 

WhoWhatWear.com Olivia Palermo Sunglasses PERVERSE sunglasses Dawn Patrol

Get Olivia Palermo's sunglasses. Shop Dawn Patrol now. 

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