Real Simple Magazine Dubs PERVERSE Sunglasses “Glasses for Good”

PERVERSE sunglasses were spotted as one of Real Simple’s top five picks for metallic pink sunglasses. The magazine featured rose gold mirror lensed style Elaine in the color 03-Oakland, $55.

The magazine’s “Sunny Delights” story also showcased PERVERSE for taking delight in more than just beauty.

PERVERSE creates glasses for the greater good through its 1:1:1 Initiative. This social responsibility is meant to spread beauty, joy, and confidence to all by donating 1% of net sales, employee time, and inventory to positive philanthropic efforts.

Do you have your Elaine sunglasses yet? This pair gives you a reason to rock reflective lens that also mirror what you admire!  

Look good, do good. Read more about our 1:1:1 Initiative:

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