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Pair Your Pair with Woman's Best Friend

Pair Your Pair with Woman's Best Friend

“How can I match my sunnies to my puppy?” – Belle, Westchester

Dear Belle,

Nothing makes us happier than knowing PERVERSE sunglasses wearers are fans of the puppy fluff. And your timing with asking this question on National Dog Day? Simply impeccable.

Matching your sunnies to your pup is ultra street chic that’s sure to get you scammed. (Men, take note. The ladies love a fella who’s comfortable enough to match his dog.) May we suggest pairing your pair of sunglasses with a matching

  • Puppy Scarf
  • Puppy Bandana
  • Puppy Sweater
  • Collar and leash
  • Puppy ankle bracelet
  • Doggy-safe nail polish

 Let us know how many digits you get.

PERVERSE sunglasses Style Editor

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  • Yes, puppies!

    Foxie on

  • Oh My God! I do this all the time: matching my fashion/outfits with my dogs! Finally, someone understands my craziness. AND sunglasses obsession!

    Puppy Love on

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