There’s an eclectic force of music at Coachella, which makes packing for the event all the more uninhibited. From sunnies to shorts to sunblock, we’ve got the deets on how to thrive in the desert.
Layer it on: Layers aren’t just for fall. It’s a highly fashionable way to function in desert temps that skyrocket then drop. Start with a tank, cover with a tee, then cap with a lightweight sweater or flannel that you can keep around your waist when the sun’s up.
Be shady: Keep sunblock handy and reapply every 2 hours. Apply sunblock before your skin is kissed by the sun. If you don’t, you’ll burn within just 15 minutes and have to deal with the sting all weekend long.
Shoe-in: Flip flops may be associated with hot temps, but desert terrain is not. Keep your toes safe in lightweight sneaks, high-tops, or your favorite lace-up boots.
‘Do it Dry: Dry shampoo is a must for keeping hair clean (and adding a little bohemian style).
Cool it: PERVERSE sunglasses is here to keep you cool at Coachella. Step into our A/C pop up shop to recharge and shop sunnies – because you’ll need more than one pair to survive the sunny days.
We’ll see you there.

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