Who is PERVERSE sunglasses...And Are You One Of Us?

We get a lot of questions from sunglasses fans, but nothing comes up more than the question, "Why did you name your company PERVERSE?"

The meaning of PERVERSE is greatly misunderstood. Whether you Google it or thumb through a dictionary old-school style, you'll find the true definition of perverse is, "to deliberately do things against the norm." That real meaning is EXACTLY why we chose PERVERSE as our name. Our mantra, if you will, is to deliberately break against the eyewear industry's "normal" business model with our own high fashion, high quality sunglasses offered at a sensational price point. We call it shaking up the sunglasses status quo...deliberately breaking from the norm...not settling for what's expected. That's the TRUE meaning of PERVERSE. Like how that sounds? Then you might be PERVERSE, too.

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