Introducing PERVERSEcity: The Official PERVERSE Style Destination Blog

Welcome to PERVERSEcity, the style blog built for divas, dolls, and damsels who strut to the beat of their own street style.

Think of this as your constant feel-good look good feed for your life, your style, and your lifestyle goals. Feast your peepers on new sunnie styles in all shapes and styles. Source delicious ideas on how to #matchymatchy your sunnies with ANYTHING (Have a thing for green lippy? Why yes, we have a pair for you…). But that’s not all. We’ll serve up local and global fare featuring fabulous people and places that do things a little PERVERSE.

If you live, love, dress, think, and do things against the norm, consider this your new home. Welcome, Sunglassists. Let the fun begin!

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