All About Acetate Sunglasses

Strong, rich, polished…we’re not talking about your ideal mate. We’re talking about Acetate, the high-quality plastic that makes some of the world’s most beautiful sunglasses.

Acetate is considered the sunglasses material standard because of its glossy, gorgeous finish and endurance against wear and tear. But that’s not all…

It’s handmade:

Acetate sunglasses are made by hand from layers and layers of acetate sheets. Handmade = quality and uniqueness, meaning no two pairs are exactly the same.

It’s hypoallergenic:

Acetate has a lower chance of causing sensitivity reactions on your skin. (How polite is that?)

It’s practically life-proof:

While we don’t suggest you drop, mangle, throw, or sit on your sunnies, acetate frames are traditionally more durable than regular plastic frames. This means you'll enjoy them longer. 

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  • PSA (PERVERSE Service Agent)

    Hey Ron, we can’t fill a prescription for you, but many of our styles can be fitted for prescription lenses by your eye doctor! Please note: our style Xanadu is not eligible for prescription lenses.

  • Ron McElheney

    can you do prescription glasses

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