Like Art Walk? Then You'll Love Get Artsy with PERVERSE

Our Grand Opening Event in the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District showcased more than just sunglasses. It was an interactive experience featuring some of the most talented artists in the market. Their stunning installations instantly inspired us to keep the momentum going, and Get Artsy with PERVERSE was born.

Our first-ever Get Artsy with PERVERSE event showcases Brandon Deener (@BRANDON_DEENER), who you should be following on Instagram. NOW. This seriously talented and utterly self-taught artist will show his work for a limited time at a special event on September 30, 2016 from 4-8 pm at our Downtown Los Angeles Showroom. 

                              Brandon Deener @BRANDON_DEENER Gets Artsy with PERVERSE Artist Showcase at DTLA ShowroomBrandon Deener @BRANDON_DEENER Gets Artsy with PERVERSE Artist Showcase at DTLA ShowroomBrandon Deener @BRANDON_DEENER Gets Artsy with PERVERSE Artist Showcase at DTLA Showroom

Brandon's artwork and live painting at PERVERSE sunglasses
DTLA Grand Opening Event

Mark your calendars and be sure to stop by! Get to know Brandon, interact with Brandon's artwork, and shop sunglasses at this reception and shopping event.

Brandon Deener Gets Artsy with PERVERSE sunglasses downtown los angeles Fashion District Artist Showcase Event

Brandon Deener, photographed by Orin Fleurimont.

Where are you from?
Memphis, Tennessee

What's your training?
I'm completely and utterly self-taught. No previous training.

What made you want to collab with PERVERSE?
I wanted to collab with PERVERSE because it's a really awesome opportunity to expand the reaches of my creativity and bring something fresh & unique.

Who's your favorite artist?
I can't name just one...Kaws, Kehindé Wiley, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Michael Zavros, Robert Therrien, list goes on. 

What does the word PERVERSE mean to you?
Perverse means to me, going against what people would classify as normal! 

What genre does your art best reflect?
I'm a Pop Artist creating in the realms of Photo Realism, Hyperrealism, and Surrealism.

Which PERVERSE sunglasses are your favorite?

Sunglasses at night...yes, or no?
Yes, sunglasses @NIGHT!

Seriously, what inspires you?
I'm inspired by nostalgia, color, fun, and pristinely photographed things. 

Brandon Deener Gets Artsy with PERVERSE
date: September 30, 2016
time: 4-8 pm
location: PERVERSE sunglasses, DTLA Fashion District, 1108 S. Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015 



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