Brittany Balcom Gets Artsy with PERVERSE

Want to say you knew Brittany Balcom before she was famous? (Because trust us, she will be famous). Then get yourself to the Get Artsy with PERVERSE event on November 11.

Brittany will take over the PERVERSE showroom in Downtown Los Angeles, showcasing her whimsical & surreal dreamscapes that are part pretty, part nature, and perfectly PERVERSE. 

If Brittany’s name sounds familiar, you may recognize it from her sunglasses display at the PERVERSE Downtown Los Angeles Grand Opening Event. She bravely took on the challenge of taking artistic license with our sunglasses to be showcased as hanging installations at our event. and completed a stunning piece LIVE at the event for a special brand commemorative piece. 

Brittany Balcom @Brittany_Balcom paints PERVERSE sunglasses for DTLA opening event

Brittany's amazing talent reflected on 4 PERVERSE sunglasses.
(Photo credit: @Brittany_Balcom)

Brittany also took on a first-time challenge by completing a painting LIVE at the event. 

Brittany Balcom (@Brittany_Balcom) PERVERSE sunglasses #getartsywithPERVERSE

Brittany was one of 13 artists to contribute to the PERVERSE sunglasses Downtown Los Angeles Grand Opening Event commemorative piece. (She painted the beautiful twisted tree in the center. Photo credit: Brittany Balcom.)

This girl is on fire. Follow her, get to know her (see her Q&A below), then see her LIVE, only at PERVERSE sunglasses in Downtown Los Angeles

Brittany Balcom Gets Artsy with PERVERSE
date: November 11, 2016
time: 5-9 pm

Where are you from?
Ramona, California, a small town in San Diego County.

What's your training?
I attended CSU Chico where I studied Art Education, and Studio Art with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting.

What made you want to collab with PERVERSE?
I had never painted sunglasses before, and that was a fun challenge. I also had an amazing time completing my first live painting at the DTLA store opening. I loved the vibe of the event, and the sunglass designs are awesome!

Who's your favorite artist?
A few of my favorites are Jacek Yerka, Kay Sage, and Dorothea Tanning.

What does the word PERVERSE mean to you?
To me it means to think outside the box, and be unique!

What genre does your art best reflect?
I would say I create surreal dreamscapes, and my medium of choice is oil paint.

Which PERVERSE sunglasses are your favorite?
I really like the Beryl 01-Oak ($50), definitely considering getting it in every color.

Sunglasses at night...yes, or no?
I mean it looks cool, but I don’t usually do it!

Seriously, what inspires you?
I am inspired by things I see in my dreams, and in nature, I tend to combine the two to create exaggerated colorful trees and landscapes that represent different emotions and ideas.

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