Elton John's Sunglasses Are PERVERSE

The Rocket Man is known for a lot of things. But sunglasses? His collection can be classified as an obsession.

So you can imagine our shock, delight, straight up teenage-like-screaming-at-a-pop-concert excitement when Sir Elton John requested a custom pair of PERVERSE sunglasses.

Let's back up a bit: In August, PERVERSE hosted artists at its Downtown Los Angeles Grand Opening Event. A talented artist who goes by Justo (@j___stacks) took artistic license with our sunglasses, studding them with spikes and drenching them in gold paint. A friend of Elton's sent him a pic of the pair, and word on the street is Elton said he NEEDED THEM.

Justo and PERVERSE Sunglasses Elton John sunglasses

Justo, left, and his showcase for the PERVERSE sunglasses Downtown Los Angeles Grand opening event. This photo was seen by Elton John, who immediately wanted the gold sunglasses.

Justo was more than happy to oblige (wouldn't you be?). So, he created not 1, but 2 one-of-a-kind pairs to send to Elton: one he can tuck away in his armoire, and another he can actually wear while performing The Million Dollar Piano at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. (We can see the blog title now: "Spotted: Sir Elton Gets PERVERSE.")

Justo custom Elton John Sunglasses PERVERSE sunglasses

Work in progress: Justo posts updates on Elton's sunglasses via his instagram account. (Photo Credit: @j___stacks)

And so, that's the fairy tale of how Elton John, our Honorary Sir Sunglassist, added a pair of custom-made PERVERSE sunglasses to his capsule of more than 250,000 sunglasses...and growing.

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