Fashion Rules to Forget

No white after Labor Day. Don’t mix your metals. Our Style Editor explores then debunks fashion’s most out-of-date fashion faux pas.

Rule to Break: No White After Labor Day
The origins of this convention are mixed. Some say it was one of many fashion rules invented by upper class women so they could distinguish between “old” and “new” money. Others say it was a rule invented in the weather-dredged states in the East, as snowy streets combined with muddy walkways made for some messy skirts and cuffs. The good news is this decree is dead. You can wear white well into winter without garnering an eye roll. (Liz Cherk @lateafternoon shows us how she breaks the rules in all white, including PERVERSE sunglasses in Redondo 01-White.)

Fashion Rules to Forget No White After Labor Day by PERVERSE sunglasses


Rule to Break: Don’t Double Up Your Denim
We’re not sure when this fashion rule originated, but we know when it ended. Justin Timberlake and Brittney Spears displayed their dynamic duo relationship status when they doubled down on their denim ensembles at the 2001 American Music Awards. And, like the hearts of teenage girls everywhere upon seeing Justin and Britney together, this fashion statute was shattered into a million pieces.

Rule to Break: Don’t Mix Your Metals
This rule stems from a concern that stacking rings of different metals can cause a softer metal to wear down faster. Fact of the matter is that anything will wear down anything over time. And, most metals are so strong, it would take an eternity to notice it. So, dive into the mixed metal trend by layering gold with silver, pairing different metal rings, and mixing up metal bracelets to make an on-trend statement.

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