Gaga for Rose Gold

Over a period of 5 years, rose gold has gone from cult obsession to cover girl. Now, you can spot it on engagement rings, wear it as eye shadow, and talk into it on your iPhone. What are some other signs that the world has gone gaga over rose gold? 

Rose Gold Sunglasses
This is a bandwagon we couldn’t wait to jump on. Rose gold is a flattering metal on all skin tones, making it the perfect frame color for sunglasses. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites, starting with Toni Bologni 02-Marroni, Twiggy 03-Pink, and X-Ray 01-Vision.

PERVERSE sunglasses Toni Bologni 02-Marroni Rose Gold sunglasses


Twiggy 03-Pink Rose Gold sunglasses with Rose gold Lenses by PERVERSE sunglasses.jpg


PERVERSE sunglasses X-Ray 01-Vision Round mirror rose gold sunglasses


Rose Gold Refuse (a.k.a., trash cans)
Yes, you can pitch your leftovers into a stylish bin blinged out in rose gold. Thank the innovative company Simple Human for dreaming up this glamorous addition to your kitchen, office, or bathroom.

Rose Gold Trash Can by Simple Human as seen on PERVERSE sunglasses

Image by Simple Human

Rose Gold Beauty 
Cool tones, warm tones, whatever your tone, you can probably rock a rose gold make-up. It’s universally flattering, statement-making, and rich without looking overdone. (The very same reasons we love to wear rose gold jewelry). Some of our favorites include Stila Eye Shadow Trio: Rose Gold Glow and Stila’s Coconut Crush Lip & Cheek Stain.

Stila Coconut Crush Cheek & Lip Stain as seen on PERVERSE sunglassesStila Eye Shadow Trio Rose Gold as seen on PERVERSE sunglasses

Images by Stila Cosmetics

Rose Gold Television
Stuart Hughes created the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition 55-inch television, outfitted with 18K rose gold and 50 diamonds. It was quickly named one of the most expensive televisions in the world.  

Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Gold Television as seen on PERVERSE sunglasses

Image by Stuart Hughes

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