How To: Find Sunglasses for Small Faces

Does trying on sunglasses make you feel like a bug? That might
mean you have a small face. The solution is not to just squint and
bear it. Get our tips on finding sunglasses that fit your perfectly
petite mug.

size it up

Look for sunglasses that have a lens measurement anywhere
between 48mm and 54mm. Most websites will provide this
dimension, but if you don’t have it, you can simply measure the
horizontal length of the lens, starting at the widest part, and NOT
including the actual frame.

In addition to searching the word "PETITE" on,
our Style Editor recommends:

Sunglasses for petite faces sunglasses for small faces

PERVERSE sunglasses styles clockwise from upper left
(click the product names below to shop): Drift, 49mm, $75, John 50mm, $50,
Madness, 47mm, $65, and Rodeo Drive, 43mm, $50

don’t get cheeky

If sunglasses go too low below the cheekbones or too high above the brow,
they’re likely to overwhelm your small face. When trying on sunglasses, make
sure you can smile without causing your sunglasses to move. If they move,
they’re hitting your cheekbones, which is a sign they are too big.

small doesn’t rule out big

Don’t instantly shy away from sunglasses that looks larger. Large sunglasses
can be ultra-chic on a petite face (Read: Audrey Hepburn, and Mary-Kate
and Ashley Olson). The trick: look for sunglasses with small lenses accentuated
by chunky frames and stylized brows. When sunglasses carry their oversize
details along the brow line, they’re less likely to overwhelm your face.

Our Style Editor recommends:

PERVERSE sunglasses how to find sunglasses for small faces sunglasses for petite faces

PERVERSE sunglasses styles clockwise from upper left 
(click the product names below to shop): Pretty, $95, Shoup, $50,
High Street, $60, and Fresh, $50


play with shapes and colors

Geometric shapes and funky colors look amazing on petite faces. Why?
Because they draw attention to the face without relying on an oversize
shape. Our Style Editor recommends:


PERVERSE sunglasses styles clockwise from upper left:
Duke, $95, Acid, $50, Alyssa, $60, and Cutout, $55. 



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