I'm With The Band—Festival-Inspired Sunglasses That ROCK

So, we were bummed about Beyonce—but that frown was turned upside-down when Lady Gaga was named 2017 Queen of Coachella! Now we have her to look foward to and the newly released festival season sunniess at PERVERSEsunglasses.com. Nothing unleashes your inner Wild Child like an open field, your favorite band, and fresh festival fashion. Whether you're a psychedelic blues babe or pretty-gothic rocker, you should not, can not, absolutely must not forget the sunglasses. (And no, it's not too soon to be planning your outfits.)

These sunglasses are a living tribute to the most recognizable voice out of the 60s. Oversized round sunglasses with smokey mirror lenses are drenched in cool, bluesy soul, just like Ms. Joplin. Slip on and let the groove move you.

Janis in 03-Rocks, oversize nickel-free metal sunglasses are ideal for square face shapes, but look fabulously vintage on everyone. $55 at perversesunglasses.com. 

The Bowie

 There was NO ONE like David Bowie. NO ONE. His sexy, eccentric style was desirable no matter what gender you identify with. Pay him a pop tribute in chunky square acetate sunglasses look good on men and women. 

Bowie in 01-Blackstar, chunky acetate sunglasses, $90. Square sunglasses look best on round and oval face shapes, but that shouldn't stop you from wearing what you love. Shop 3 new Spring 2017 styles now at perversesunglasses.com.


Studio 55

Studio 54 was dripping with celebrities, sequins, and yes, sunglasses at night. Don't believe us? here's an example...


We sourced Studio 54's ability to juxtapose everything from colors to celebrities as inspiration for Studio 55, the two-toned geometric butterfly sunglasses that are part refinement, part rebel.

Studio 55 in style 04-Dance, $55, butterfly two-tone sunglasses available as part of the Spring 2017 launch. Butterfly sunglasses look amazing on heart-shaped faces, but we think anyone can pull them off.

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