Movies with the Best Sunglasses

Still searching for a fab Halloween costume idea? We suggest finding inspiration from the best novelty sunglasses from Hollywood's biggest movies. Blockbuster movies are not only timeless, but they have some of the best darn sunglass styles we’ve ever seen. View our gallery and find some inspiration to style your epic DIY look for Halloween. (PS, if you want those FABULOSA purple sunnies spotted on our Instagram feed, click here!)

Almost Famous

Kate. Shearling jacket. Blue tinted lenses. With just one outfit, we were instantly teleported to a decade of rock, roll, and righteously hot “bandaids.” Penny Lane paired hers with ringlet curls, wooden heeled sandals, and an undying devotion. We concur, and recommend recreating this mirror lens look with John 02-Smith.

Kate Hudson sunglasses Almost Famous PERVERSE sunglasses halloween novelty costume round sunglasses

Recreate Kate Hudson's "Almost Famous" vintage round mirror lens hippie sunglasses with PERVERSE sunglasses round mirror lens sunglasses in style John 02-Smith, $50.

The Hangover

In the movie completely dedicated to a night they can't remember, the one thing we all remember is Zach Galafanikis carrying a baby who's wearing his sunglasses. These exceptionally over-the-top sunglasses by PERVERSE sunglasses are the perfect way to punctuate your Hangover-inspired Halloween costume.

The hangover sunglasses zach galifianakis sunglasses PERVERSE sunglasses Halloween costume sunglasses

On the left, Zach Galifianakis and baby from The Hangover. On the right, PERVERSE sunglasses in style That's Sick 01-Solid Gold, $55.

Top Gun

Catchphrases abound, this movie is littered with gratuitous upper body shots, machismo, and pilot-inspired style that takes our breath away. Thanks to this 80s stud fest, aviators are still the go-to for looking stylish when speeding down the danger zone. Bonus: sexy, sleek, and affordable PERVERSE aviator sunglasses are always in season, which means you can rock this pair post-Halloween. 

Top Gun aviator sunglasses PERVERSE sunglasses Halloween costume novelty sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses by PERVERSE in style Studette 06-Morado, $55

Terminator 2 

Arnold Schwarzenegger in simple black sunglasses may have made the movie poster, but it's Linda Hamilton's (Sarah Connor) wraparound side shield sunglasses that give a futuristic, statement-making vibe in the present. It's a simple look to recreate for a Halloween costume: A simple undershirt, some black pants, a messy ponytail, a few pushups for awesomely defined arms, and PERVERSE wraparound sunglasses. 

Terminator 2 sunglasses PERVERSE sunglasses wraparound side shield sunglasses Halloween costume novelty sunglasses.

PERVERSE sunglasses in Madness 01-Silver, $65, are a classic-yet-futuristic tribute to this blockbuster movie.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Audrey Hepburn's icon status has been forever captured in this movie about a young lady looking for a rich male suitor. If you're more into going classic beauty for Halloween, we recommend recreating her look with PERVERSE sunglasses in Dawn Patrol 01-Dark.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn sunglasses PERVERSE sunglasses halloween novelty costume vintage sunglasses

PERVERSE sunglasses in style Dawn Patrol 01-Dark, $50, successfully recreate Audrey Hepburn's iconic look. 

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