Noodles Gets Artsy with PERVERSE sunglasses

We PACKED THE HOUSE at the first-ever Get Artsy with PERVERSE (#GetArtsywithPERVERSE) event! Our amazing artist, Brandon Deener (@BRANDON_DEENER), displayed some of his amazing artwork on a sweltering hot day, and friends and fans were reminded that sunglasses are a year-round necessity in California. (Learn more about Brandon and what inspired our Get Artsy events here.)

Our next Get Artsy with PERVERSE event showcases Brains and Noodles (@brainsandnoodles), the artistically dynamic duo who first previewed their talents at our Downtown Los Angeles Grand Opening Event.. A quick scroll through their Instagram (which is a must-follow) reveals an interesting take on pop culture juxtaposed with some iconic images. Noodles will show his work for a limited time at a special Get Artsy with PERVERSE event on Friday, November 4, from 6-9 PM at our Downtown Los Angeles Showroom.  

Brainsandnoodles artwork showcased at PERVERSE sunglasses downtown los angeles grand opening event

Brains and Noodles artistic interpretation of sunglasses at the PERVERSE sunglasses DTLA Grand Opening Event.

Mark your calendars and be sure to stop by! Get to know Brains and Noodles, interact with his artwork, and shop sunglasses at this art show and shopping event.

Brainsandnoodles Get Artsy with PERVERSE event November 4 2016 in downtown los angeles

Inverview answers by Noodles of BrainsandNoodles. 

Where are you from?
Compton, California

What's your training?
I'm self-taught with some fashion and design training.

What made you want to collab with PERVERSE?
It's a dope company and I wanted to be part of something new.

Who's your favorite artist?
Besides myself and Brains, Trust Icon (A London-based artist).

What genre does your art best reflect?
Pop Art, because I normally take Disney characters and put them in today’s situations.

Sunglasses at night...yes, or no?

Seriously, what inspires you?
Outside. The people and the world inspire me.

Noodles Gets Artsy with PERVERSE
date: Friday, November 4, 2016
time: 6-9 pm
location: PERVERSE sunglasses, DTLA Fashion District, 1108 S. Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015 



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