Note from the Designer Series: What Inspires Our Sunglass Designs

Designed by us, styled by you. This is how we think when we
create new sunglasses styles. And the process starts with
everyone in our Downtown Los Angeles workspace.
We source inspiration from everything…city surroundings,
our holy grail lippy color, favorite glossies, and designers
we obsess over. But most of all, our focus begins and ends
with you. "What kind of outfit would she pair these with?"
"What colors does she want to see on an oversize cat-eye?"

You won't find these PERVERSE pow-wows on anyone's calendar.
Rather, they start quite organically, oftentimes sparked by the
mention of a pic on their feed or a style spotted on the street.
Suddenly there's a lively circle of voices representing unique
style personalities and a lot of passion. We try on samples,
give straight talk about which pairs work (and which pairs should
hit the recycle bin), and end up with what we hope are sunglasses
that transform you into everything you want to be. (Even better, the
collections start at reasonable prices so you can get more than
just one pair.)

The process is exciting, inspiring, entertaining, and a labor of love.
Peek at part of the process with our first Note from the Designer
featuring Dahila, a sassy oversize glossy cat-eye in fall's most
captivating colors.


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