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POP QUIZ with PERVERSE & Philosophy

POP QUIZ with PERVERSE & Philosophy
Pop Quiz: Can you spot the SPF? If you said the sunglasses, you're right. And if you said the make-up compacts, you're also right! 

Our friends at Philosophy live by the same...well...philosophy that we live by: The sun rises 365 days a year, and that makes UV defense essential year round! UV light is the biggest skin-aging culprit on the planet. It causes 80% of your dark spots & wrinkles (especially around the eyes), and can even induce premature vision loss.

Investing in SPF makeup & a sexy pair of UV sunnies could keep the wrinkles off your face—and keep the visits to your dermatologist & eye doctor down. Now are you a little more interested in protecting those peepers? 

FACT: Snow reflects 80% of UV radiation

That's right snow bunnies: the most important piece in your ski ensemble is your sunglasses. Did we mention all PERVERSE sunnies have UV400 in addition to all that sass and style? You're welcome.
Rodeo Drive sunglasses PERVERSE Sunglasses and Philosophy skin care SPF
For bunny hills or the black diamond, Rodeo Drive in 01-Raven is a SPF style essential on the ski slopes. (2 colors, $48 each.)

FACT: Skin Around the Eyes Shows Aging First

Your skin is amazingly resilient (just THINK about all those times you've poked a pimple, picked a dark spot, or passed out on your pillow in full make-up). But, skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate, so it's going to show signs of aging first. The eye area demands extra UV defense January through December. (That's the perfect excuse to invest in oversized sunnies.)
Jaxxx in 01-Tutu is the perfect pop of pink to keep your peepers looking peppy in less-than-perfect weather conditions.
FACT: Clouds are not SPF

Pretty puffy clouds in the sky may block sunlight, but powerful UV rays go right through and land on your exposed face and eyes. Invest in UV400 gradient lens sunglasses—you'll protect your eyes and still be able to see when it's gray out.

PERVERSE sunglasses style Sugar 01-Brown Sugar, $40. The neutral color and brown gradient lenses are perfect for an all-season look. 

FACT: UV Light Exposure Can Cause Vision Loss

Sunglasses are the unsung hero of eye protection. Often thought of only as an accessory, sunglasses with UV protection can keep things like vision loss and cataracts at bay. Wearing sunglasses daily, regardless of how much sunlight you see, can keep your eyes healthy for years to come.

Take your UV and style advice from Victoria's Secret Angel Romee Strijd and actress Olivia Holt who've been spotted in Beaudry during chilly winter months. (4 colors available, $55 each, at perversesunglasses.com)



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