What Do Your Sunglasses Say About You?

Sunglasses seem to say, "I'm hiding" but secretly say "look at me." So, what are your sunglass shapes silently conveying to the world? Our style editor unpacks the sunglasses shapes available, and what they say about you.

Oversize Round
Our Style Editor says, “Oversized round sunglasses exude timeless fashion sense.” You move from Jackie O classic to sweet hippie with ease. If oversize round sunglasses always catch your eye, you’re a timeless, classic beauty.


Give festival vibes all season long in Janis 04-Does, $55.

You’re sporty, athletic, and cute as heck. Our Style Editor says, “Sporty girls give off a fun vibe both guys and girls can't wait to be around.” If you’re drawn to rectangle sunglasses, you’re functional fashion with an edge.

@dianadanger1 wears Low Tide sporty rectangle sunglasses in 03-Wipeout, $55.

“Women who wear cat-eyes are cool, coy-ishly flirty, and naturally command attention,” says our Style Editor. Translation: Men want to know you. If cat-eyes call your name, you’re a throwback to old Hollywood glamour steeped in a teasing veil of vampy.

Helena cat-eye acetate sunglasses in 02-Alps, $95.

Wayfarer & Clubmaster
“Wanna know where the party’s at? Follow the person in wayfarer or clubmaster sunglasses.” Ladies and Gents who wear these styles embody the freedom and excitement of summer vacation.  Positive, fun, and always a blast to be around, the party doesn’t start until you show up.
“You’ve gotta be confident to wear aviators…the bold shape and mirror lenses make you stand out.” As our style editor notes, Aviators aren’t for the guy or gal who wants to blend in. If you love aviators, you’re comfy in your skin, and that’s why people are attracted to you.

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