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Why Choose Perverse Sunglasses?

It's super easy to start earning, all you have to do is promote our site While other brands offer only 5 to 10%, we share a whopping 20% of our net revenue with you. No minimum quota is required. Our user-friendly program allows you to track your progress and earnings as you go.

Additional Perks

  1. You get to choose any 1 pair of Perverse sunnies from our website once in every 3 months and your choice of sunnies will be shipped directly to your door at no charge to you at all. *US address only * while supplies last.
  2. You’ll receive 25% off all Perverse product on all of your purchases if you wish to collect more sunnies. 
  3. Don’t think we forgot about your fans, we’ll also give your fans a 10% off coupon to use on our site!