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Company Questions


Who’s behind Thomas James LA?

A salty crew of entrepreneurs, designers, mavens, overachievers, black sheep, bean counters, jokers, fanatics, and a unicorn. It takes all kinds to style this ship.


Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Yes, we can.


Why Thomas James LA?

Because there’s nothing cute (or wise) about spending a fortune just to look like everyone else. Style yourself unique in sunnies, then show us what you got @thomasjamesla #sunglassist #sunglassnista #thesunglasspurveyor


How do you come up with your style advice?

It’s nothing short of astrophysics: We put them on, give blue steel in the mirror, and see what we feel like pairing our pair with. We take inspiration from our lipstick, hair color, color of the sky, color of our socks…and we invite you to do the same.


I feel chatty. How can I contact you?


Monday - Friday  9am - 5pm
(323) 490-7005




Product Questions


Are these as high-quality as “designer” sunglasses?

Without a doubt. We understand your curiosity. How can our glamourous styles be on par with so-called “designer” sunglasses, yet have a *delightfully* approachable price?

We don’t route our sunglasses through a third party. (This third party ultimately contributes to that markup you’re used to.) It’s a conscious decision we made from day one because above anything else, we see ourselves as creators of creativity. We’d rather inspire your style with multiple pairs of sunnies than drain your bank account. And, you get the same amazing quality, durability, and friend envy as you would with pricier sunglasses. (WIN WIN!)

We invite you to take what you’d spend on one “goes-with-everything” pair and put it towards tons of sunnies to support your habit. This is called sunglass polygamy, and we encourage it. 

Are your sunglasses vegan?

All Thomas James LA sunglasses are vegan — so you can be a style animal without harming animals.


How many pairs can I get?

The maximum quantity for each individual color of any style is 5.


I love your sunnies! How many can I order?

The maximum dollar value of a single order is $500 (before discounts, promo codes, shipping, and tax.)


I think my glasses are loose! What can I do?

Don’t worry! Your sunnies aren’t loose. They simply feature a yielding design that’s more flexible and malleable than other styles. If you frequently put on and take off your sunnies, this softer fit can be a benefit, as it helps prevent the temples from over-springing and breaking.


My sunglasses arrived damaged. What can I do?

Stop what you’re doing and take a picture of your sunglasses exactly as they arrived. Then, email that picture to, along with your name and order number. Please indicate “damaged” in the subject line. A we'll be happy to review your photo and help resolve your issue. It’s UBER-IMPORTANT that you send this picture to us WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE RECEIPT DATE as indicated by your tracking number. Any photos received after the 7 days will not be considered for a replacement.


How many pairs of sunglasses do you have?

More than we can count.


Who names your products?


What kind of materials do you use to make your sunglasses?

We use all kinds of materials to make our crazy-sexy-cool sunglasses. You'll find sunglasses made out of polycarbonate, nickel-free metal, a combo of polycarbonate and nickel-free metal, 100% wood, biodegradable plastic, and even acetate. 

California Proposition 65
WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


What's so fab about acetate sunglasses?

Acetate is a high-quality, hyper-durable plastic considered to be the sunglasses material standard because of its high endurance against wear and tear, lightweight nature, and ability to yield beautiful, rich patterns and colors.

Acetate sunglasses are made by hand from layers and layers of acetate sheets, which gives each pair a noticeable quality and uniqueness. Acetate is also hypoallergenic, meaning it has a lower chance of causing sensitivity reactions on your skin. (Not only are these sunglasses stylish, but they're quite courteous!) Because acetate is a high-quality material, they're traditionally more durable than traditional plastic sunglasses. So, you can look forward to enjoying your acetate sunglasses for a very long time.  


What type of lenses does PERVERSE sunglasses use?

We use Polycarbonate lenses because they are thin, lightweight plastic lenses that enhance the comfy-ness of your sunglasses. Comfy sunglasses = sunglasses you can wear longer.


Are your sunglass lenses Polarized?

Some of our styles have Polarized lenses. To find out which styles, click the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand side of your screen and type "polarized" into the search field. 


Do Thomas James LA sunglasses offer UV protection?

Yes, every pair offers UV400 protection to help block 99-100% of both UVA and UVB light.


Are the frames available in different sizes?

Each style is only available in one unique size.


Do you fill prescriptions?

We do not, but you can take Thomas James LA sunglasses to your doctor to determine if your sunglasses can be fitted for prescription lenses. Please note: our style Xanadu is not eligible for prescription lenses.


Do I get a case with my sunglasses order?

No, but you do get a snazzy dust pouch and bitchin' collapsible box that help protect your sunnies! If you’re in need of a case, we sell them in all sorts of fabulous shapes and sizes. Shop them all by clicking here.


Do you have any safety information, warranties or notices related to your sunglasses?

California's Proposition 65 entitles you to certain warnings about various consumer products, and it is our desire to provide information that helps you make informed purchasing decisions. As such, some products sold on this website contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


How do I know if these sunnies are the right size for me?

Simple! On each product page, we’ve included “Specifications” to help you find a good fit. Width refers to the width of one lens. Height refers to the height of lens only, and does not include the frames. And, nose gap refers to the area that sits on your nose. (It’s obvi, but we still had to say it.)

We suggest measuring your current favorite pair, and finding a pair of PERVERSE sunglasses with specifications that are a close match.


Can I return or exchange sale or final sale items? How about products purchased to support a charity?

Any items marked SALE, FINAL SALE, CLEARANCE are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Any products purchased as part of a limited donation partnership or philanthropic program (for example, iconGIRLS) may not be returned or exchanged.




Cleaning & Care


How do I care for my sunglasses?

The answers you seek can be found on our sunnyDOs and sunnyDON’Ts page.


What if my frames need adjustments?

Did you know most people don’t have symmetrical ears? (Don't worry, you're still perfect—just like your mama told you.) That’s why perfectly leveled sunnies may look a little tilted when you wear them. It’s an easy fix, though. Simply take your sunnies to an optical store and ask if they’ll help you with an adjustment. While it’s ok to heat the frames, ask that they do not heat the lenses, as this could cause permanent damage.


Is there anything I need to know about mirror sunglasses?

Why yes, there is! Mirror lenses are highly vulnerable to scratches and nicks caused by everyday wear and tear. Natural wear and tear on mirror lens sunglasses does not make them eligible for refunds or exchanges. Keep your mirror lenses in a case when they're not on your face. And, never let them live loose in your purse or bag. Treat your mirror lens sunglasses how you want to be treated: with lots of kindness, love, and care.