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let's give

what is it

PERVERSE is about a lot more than just sunglasses. It’s our social responsibility to fulfill our 1:1:1 Initiative where we commit to giving 1% of our net sales, 1% of our time, and 1% of our inventory to charitable causes that promote positivity, growth, and change. This program is dedicated to 501(c)(3) organizations. We will donate 25% net sales to the charity you partner with.

how it works

Ecommerce only (money for charity, no comission earned)

Tell your friends to shop PERVERSEsunglasses.com and enter a unique code at checkout. We’ll donate 25% of the net sales to charity!

On site (money for charity + stylist’s commission for you!)

We loan you up to 18 pairs of sunglasses to showcase at a charity event. 25% of the event’s net sales go to charity, and you get paid 20% of the net sales via check in 3 weeks! (You must leave your credit card on file when you pick up the sunglasses, and must return the sunglasses within 48 hours of the event [Monday-Friday, business hours only]. If the sunglasses are not returned, you will be charged for the full retail amount.)


Coordinate with your event organizer to set up a “sunnie bar” with sunglasses and mirrors. Make sure you get a prime location with TONS of foot traffic!


Invite charity attendees to shop sunglasses. You take their orders online through the PERVERSE sunglasses website, entering your unique code at checkout so you get credit for the sale. Their sunglasses get delivered via mail just a few days later.


25% of the net sales are donated to charity, and 20% of the net sales come to your pocket!

some musts

  • A good heart: You live to give because it makes people happy!
  • Passion: You must love sunglasses, fashion, and people.
  • Positivity: We love smiling, happy, can-do go-getters who see every challenge as an opportunity to succeed.
  • Practice: Know your sunglass styles, shapes and colors.
  • Social skills: Spread the PERVERSE sunglasses message through social media & your community.
  • Sharing: Share your photos so we can share them with the world!
  • Be savvy: Inspire people to host PERVERSE styling parties.


  • It warms your soul!
  • Deserving charities make money...and every dollar counts!
  • You earn side income while doing a great thing!
  • 25% of the sales go to the charity you’re working with.
  • You’ll be a part of something BIG! Feel amazing as you help us fulfill our 1:1:1 social initiative!
  • Connect with people while supporting amazing causes.

Give more, get more, and help us fulfill our initiative with

Let's Give with PERVERSE!

Email letsgive@perversesunglasses.com for more details.