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pop up

what is it

This is an opportunity to collaborate with us and bring your brand to life in our brick-and-mortar space.

Zero cost, zero commitment, and tons of opportunity to make money and expose your brand to a new audience!

how it works


We offer our beautiful downtown Los Angeles showroom at ZERO cost to you. (We may even have supplies you can use, but we can work through the deets later.)


You get the freedom to display, showcase, and sell your clothing, jewelry, shoes or whatever it may be. All we ask is you be respectful of our sunnies, and we can strategize together on outfitting the space.


We create an event invite for you to send to your friends, family, followers, and fanatics. (Or, let us know if you’d like to work together on designing the invite!) The more people you invite, the more money you make, so let’s fill the house!


You spread the word via your PR team & create social media content to promote your pop-up. And, we will definitely do the same!


Get ready to MAKE MONEY! Sell your items and gain a whole new fan base. We won’t ask for any commission from your sales. You will be responsible for your own transactions.

general terms

  • Your pop-up can exist for 3 to 5 days.*
    (Details will be determined as the collaboration is secured.)
  • PERVERSE is NOT responsible for any theft or damage to your property.
  • We provide the space for free, you outfit it with your creativity!
  • You promote on your website, email, and social media.

*Weekdays only.


  • Generate buzz and get immediate feedback on your latest promotion, capsule, or collection.
  • Limited-time vibe creates a “don’t wait” consumer response for your product or promotion.
  • Reach a whole new audience, grow your fan base, and drive traffic to your site.
  • Increase followers across multiple social platforms.
  • Most importantly, your customers can touch, see and feel your product, and that’s priceless!

Pop up, pop in, pop win with PERVERSE!

Let's get ready to ca-ching ca-ching!

Email letsgive@perversesunglasses.com for more details.