Store Manager


Job Description

The Store Manager reports to the Director of Retail, oversees the retail store team and will lead and inspire by taking a forward-thinking approach to the retail experience. Ensures the retail establishment runs efficiently and effectively and also staffs and manages a retail sales team while providing leadership towards the achievement of maximum profitability.

The Store Manager is responsible for overall management of the store, staff, merchandise and customer service. The Store Manager is also responsible for driving his or her team to achieve sales objectives, maintaining and achieving high operational and merchandising standards and goals, building highly motivated teams and developing associates to the next level.


Leadership & Team Management


    • Recruit, Hire and Coach: continuously talent plan to build a strong internal team, maintain a network of great candidates, hire exceptional people, and create personalized development paths.
    • Develop & Train: use creative strategies to develop training plans that build skills and expertise and teach team members by providing timely and specific feedback to create a culture of problem solvers.When necessary, discipline employees consistent with the company policies.  In collaboration with Director of Retail, identify training needs and conduct trainings.
    • Inspire & Motivate: inspire teams through shared teamwork, creativity, empathy, and empowerment, tailoring motivation to the individual and leveraging the strengths of the team. Provide an “open door” policy where team members are free to express their concerns and feelings without fear of retribution or ill will.
    • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the merchandise; ensure selling staff is fluent in all aspects of product knowledge.
    • Set individual sales goals for sales associates, ensuring goals reflect store business goals.
    • Continuously motivate sales staff to meet assigned sales and productivity goals.


Brand Experience


    • Customer Engagement: highly focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences that are engaging, efficient and personalized, with merchandising and display that creates a compelling atmosphere for the customer.
    • Retail Experience: elevate every aspect of the brick and mortar experience as the brand experience and capabilities expand; translate good ideas into testable, actionable concepts that can be shared.  Ensure the sales floor is clean, well organized and in good working order. 
    • Digital Experience: leverage localized digital marketing efforts to engage the customer in new ways that are intended to drive brick and mortar brand awareness like Local Social Media accounts, in-store pickup, and digital-first merchandising opportunities as the retail environment evolves.
    • Community & Culture: find ways to connect with the local community through in-store events to drive brand awareness, community culture, and customer engagement with the retail space and products.


Customer Service


    • Ensure all associates provide the highest level of customer service and leading by example.
    • Ensure staff maintains constant client communication through utilizing client lists.
    • Manage client database and utilize information to increase sales and client contact.
    • Resolve all client problems and complaints quickly and effectively in partnership with Director of Retail.
    • Assist sales associates with various customer service issues i.e. dissatisfied customers, returns, defective merchandise.
    • Manage all special events inclusive of collection previews, client events, sale events and center events, etc.
    • Empower associates to make decisions in the customer’s best interest that also support the Company’s philosophy.


Visual and Business Operations


    • Analyze the Business: Analyze sales and product to identify and interpret business opportunities for the store, customer and market.
    • Inspire Independent Thinking: Effectively delegate and guide teams while at the same time allowing others the creativity to succeed by making strategic, business-impacting decisions.
    • Change & Innovation: Take a forward-thinking approach to in-store creative marketing, merchandising, activations, customer experience, and team leadership support that drives sales and engages the customer.
    • Manage Operational & Visual Execution: Collaborate with store teams and key partners to lead timely and effective execution in all areas of store operations and visuals while assuming accountability for the store’s performance and profitability.


Communication and Relationships


    • Communicate & Build Relationships: Foster a culture of strong communication and teamwork in order to ensure a seamless balance of operational and visual priorities and facilitate problem-solving.
    • Leadership & Feedback: Inspire independence and brand ownership to drive sales by integrating observations and key performance metrics to guide teams in making business-impacting decisions.
    • Knowledge and Information Dissemination: Develop thinkers not followers through dissemination of knowledge, a culture of peers teaching peers, and by enabling easy access to information in order to teach how to analyze and innovate.



Must have 1+ years of Store Management or 2+ years of Assistant Store Management


If interested, please send your resume to