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SunnieDOs & SunnieDONTs



Sunnies are a lot like Aretha: all they ask is for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Give it to them, and
they’ll be with you for the long haul.







Keep them in a case when they’re not on your face.

(We have lovely cases. Shop them here.)



Give ‘em a good rub-down from time to time. Use warm water and gentle soap. Wipe dry with a gentle cloth.

(We have cloths. They’re pretty. They’re soft. They’re pretty soft. Check them out here.)



Change your sunglasses to match your mood, polish, lippy, shoes, coffee run, day of the week, puppy’s scarf, etc.







Set your sunnies lens-down on any surface...or wear them while crowdsurfing. This leaves your sunnies open to scratches, nicks, cuts, and "sticky fingers" (a.k.a. pilfering).



Leave them in your car, pool side, or in the hot sun.

Heat = melt. Melt = warped sunnies.



Use your breath or your shirt as cleaning agents.

(Again, we have cloths. Lots of 'em. Pick one up here.)



Bend your frames or temples to fit your face.



Run freely into the ocean or show off your diving skills with your sunnies on. Sunnies are ok with water, but they don't take a liking to salt and chemicals.



Wear them as a headband. This stretches out your sunnies.