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sunnies & monies

what is it

This is an affiliate program for bloggers and influencers with 100,000+ followers.

You get free sunglasses to create sexy-fresh & stylish content for your social feeds.

Earn money and feel the love from followers!

The more followers you have, the more sunnies you get for FREE*!
Plus, you get to choose the pairs!
  • 100K to 250K = 2 sunglasses
  • Over 250K to 500K = 3 sunglasses
  • Over 500K to 750K = 4 sunglasses
  • Over 750K to 1 million = 5 sunglasses
  • Over 1 million = 6 sunglasses

how it works


We become friends & you join the PERVERSE posse (AKA, we connect & seal the deal with a contract). You get the sunglasses + an online discount code for your fans.


Visit our website, choose the sunglasses you want, and we’ll send them to you for FREE! Get dolled up, put on the sunnies, snap a selfie, and post your photo! Make your post gram-worthy, and you MUST tag #PERVERSEsunglasses!

Sunnies & Monies

Share your online discount code in your post and your fans get 10% off their ENTIRE order for a limited time exclusively at
Code is NOT redeemable in stores.


Share the promo across your other social channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat!

20 30

Now for the SWEET part: We pay you 20% of the net sales in 30 days, and you take that vacation or get that present.


Grow your fan base so we can have another Sunnies & Monies partnership!

some musts

  • Have a genuine passion for sunglasses & fashion.
  • Have An established social media fan base and/or channel with 100,000+ followers.
  • You are responsible for promoting your code. PERVERSE will not promote your code on any of its retail pages or social platforms.
  • Sunglasses must be front ∓ center for a successful selfie!
  • Clean the sunglasses with a microfiber cloth. Need a cloth? Just ask us!
  • Full-term details will be outlined in your final contract.


  • Get FREE sunglasses that revamp your wardrobe!
  • Create fresh content featuring sexy-cool sunglasses.
  • Get paid 20% of the net sales associated with your online code.
  • Fans sav 10% on high-quality, high-fashion sunglasses loved by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and more!
  • Get connected to our fab, ultra-chic brand ∓ grow with us!

Let's XOXO and

make some dough with PERVERSE!

Email for more details.