We are the purveyor of stylish, sexy, suspiciously addictive sunnies, inspiring your creativity since 2016.

Our story starts in Los Angeles amidst a sizzling Fall heatwave. Creating new ways to style one pair of sunglasses was making us a little hot tempered. We craved a plethora of crazy-sexy-cool sunnies in crush-worthy colors that would up our outfit game without breaking the bank.

We sketched. We shaped. We modeled. We tweaked.

Approval hinged on 3 prerogatives: sunnies must be synonymous with style and sexy on any gender without the shocking price point. The collection grew and the antidote to status quo sunglasses was born. PERVERSE was its name, and the game would never be the same. Classic, edgy, and ambiguously sexy. PERVERSE sunglasses are designed with style and substance in mind. Frame your face – not your gender – with a plethora of unisex sunglasses that match your lippy and your unique personality. Downtown divas, dapper dudes, stylish blokes, and beautiful babes: discover and devour styles that reflect your sexiest, most charming self.

Welcome, Sunglassists.* Permission to be PERVERSE is granted. Why pick one pair when you can have them all? This is called sunglass polygamy, and we encourage it. What makes you good-looking is also happiness-inducing — especially because a portion of your purchase powers our 1:1:1 socially conscious initiative. Here’s how your sunglasses habit gives happiness to those who need it most.

*Sunglassist / sen-glas ist/:

One who believes in owning a plethora of eye-popping sunglasses for any whim, any reason, and for any season.